Kieran Lindars signs with BornBound as his official racewear and apparel partner

BornBound were extremely proud to announce today that they have signed with Kieran Lindars as his official racewear and apparel partner.  Kieran was the 2022 European Long Course Champion in Almere, almost repeated the result in 2023 in dramatic circumstances and was ranked 8th in the 2023 World Triathlon rankings. We will give more information about Kieran in due course but this is what he had to say today about joining the BornBound team on Instagram.

"During this off-season, I have dedicated my time looking into the details of my performances and identifying areas for improvement. While these details may sometimes seem small and insignificant, they undoubtedly make a big difference.

This is why I am thrilled to announce my Bike, Run and Tri-suit partner, @bornbound_ . BornBound are a new triathlon brand from the USA that stands for what athletes are born to do. We are all born bound, the question is are you willing to explore what you’re capable of?

BornBound are not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible. It instils great confidence in me to know that the team is consistently striving to meet the demands of this technical sport, allowing me to focus on being physically ready for race day."

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Kieran, we look forward to working with you in this exciting partnership to both further develop our BornBound products and provide you with the very best triathlon apparel possible.  Founder - Kyle Dagan 

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