Nalini's 2023 pro team support includes a new and exciting challenge with the Ukraine Cycling Academy Team, working together to promote cycling in Ukraine.

Nalini’s involvement began when riders of the Ukrainian national team became stranded in Turkey, unable to return to their home country after Russia invaded their Country on February 24th.  Thankfully, because the offer of support by various new partners the team found a place to shelter in Italy. The partners include the Italian Cycling Federation, the UCI, and Nalini.

Claudio Mantovani & Nalini’s founder:

"We enthusiastically joined the proposal to sponsor the Ukraine Cycling Academy Team because we strongly believe in the values of sport, especially when it comes to promoting them in the most challenging conditions.   Our support for the future of international cycling remains one of the cornerstones of our mission."

The team faced massive challenges order to continue the progress they had already made. Lurii Chebykin, spokesman for the organization:

“Since 2016, we have been successfully developing cycling in Ukraine, following three directions: the children's cycling academy, the amateur team and the continental team. With our commitment we have given children the opportunity to cultivate their passion and to aspire to become pro. Our athletes have participated in European Championships, World Championships and the Youth Olympic Games. Following the enormous difficulties caused by the ongoing conflict, we managed to find numerous partners and supporters in Italy to be able to continue our activities. The FCI, Andrey Grivko and the UCI are helping us. Our goal today is to help as much as possible the kids who can't continue their cycling career, to make their dream come true." 

We look forward to keeping in touch with the team from here in the UK and for anyone here wishing to do the same, or even offer your own support on their social channels, here are the official channels:



Youtube :


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