The story behind the legendary Carrera Jeans team

Carrera was a famous Italian-based cycling team that raced between 1984 and 1996. Named after their sponsor, the Italian jeans manufacturer Carrera, the team was hugely successful in the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France with three overall wins and several wins in the points and mountains classifications. With legends like Marco Pantani and Roberto Visentini on the team, this was a significant milestone in the growth of the Nalini brand.

The team became big news when two years after Carrera Jeans became sponsors their Italian rider Visentini won the Giro d'Italia in 1986. What was to come the next season was even bigger however, as the team had signed Stephen Roche in 1985 with plans for him to ride well at the Tour. Roche had a difficult season in 1986 so didn't feature, but came strong in 1987. When Roche won the Tour de Romandie just before the Giro in 1987, he became the favourite for the maglia rosa and wanted to be the team leader during the race. As defending champion this was something that Roberto Visentini was against, creating a very public in-team rivalry that became legendary when Roche attacked Visentini at the Giro. Roche went on to win the Giro and then on to win the Tour de France in the same season. This made them one of the most exciting teams in history, and the fantastically outlandish team kit became famous.

Now is your chance to emulate these greats, have some fun and wear a piece of cycling history!

Carrera Replica

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